Bonnaroo 2014’s Five Least Attended Acts: Which Ones Were Worth Attending?

Photo: Josh Brasted, WireImage

Meghan Tonjes performs at Bonnaroo on June 15, 2014.

While most music lovers head to Bonnaroo due to the pull of the main stage acts, the more intrepid concertgoers know to check out some of the small stages in search of promising lesser-known artists. Before the masses headed down to Manchester, Tenn. this weekend, the official Bonnaroo festival app allowed users to “check in” to performances ahead of time, in order to announce their music-watching intentions and see which performers were the “most scheduled” of the weekend. Not surprisingly, headliners Elton John, Kanye West and Jack White were among the most scheduled artists of this year’s fest, with over 20,000 checking in to each main stage extravaganza. But what about the “least scheduled” artists — those scrappy groups playing to crowds that statistics indicated were going to be tiny? Who were these artists out of the 300 listed performers at Bonnaroo, why were they the least scheduled, and did they deserve to have less than 100 people “check in” to their shows?

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