For the Users, Abusers, and Ruers

For all of the modern gunslingers and ne’er-do-well’s who can’t seem to take a step forward without one step back or maybe even two or three or the entire continent or further, we salute you. In all of our unconnected personal journeys for success or simple ambivalence, there remain those select few who remain rocking back and forth back and forth squarely on the bottom rung of the ladder, unable to raise themselves up and out of the muck and unable to allow themselves a chance at inhabiting any realm apart from the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the shit.


12 Angry Men (1957)

9.5/10 – Grilled Seal of Approval



It’s one of the greatest films of all time. It’s Sidney Lumet’s first (!!!) film. It’s awesome. I can’t really say much more about it…. but…. what’s that? I hear a beat. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah…

12 Angry men.
12 Angry men, yo
It’s 12 Angry Men, you ready?