Took Personality Test: Failed

So, I took the Myers-Briggs personality test today and according to the test I am an ENTP. To that I resoundingly say, “Okay, maybe,” because I always kind of see myself in all of the personalities. That being said, the ENTP does seem to explain me a little better than I expected (or maybe my mind is just looking for answers and chooses to look at the results in a particular way).

Some things I learned about myself according to the test:

“ENTPs are more focused on the future rather than on immediate details. They may start projects and never finish them because they are so focused on the big picture rather than the present needs.”

Well, I certainly do spend a lot of time thinking about the future and I do give myself too many projects and I do seem to be incapable of finishing the majority of them. Something about a small attention span, I imagine. I can keep up with these “film reviews” because they primarily involve my stream of conscious mental vomitings and are less concerned with things like “making sense” or “sticking to one topic” or “describing the mental facilities of bovines.”

“ENTPs are logical and objective. When making decisions, they place a greater weight on rational evidence instead of subjective, emotional information.”

That’s definitely true. I am an extremely logical person to the point of being accused of being an emotionally distant zombie. (Not a joke. One time a girl stabbed me in the leg with a fork because she actually thought I was a member of the living dead. Okay, yes, that second part was a joke.)

“ENTPs are usually very direct and honest. They do not really care about being seen as sensitive or compassionate, so their honesty may be quite brutal sometimes. ENTPs say what they think and do not mince their words – furthermore, they dislike people who try to beat around the bush, especially if they are about to ask the ENTP for a favour.”

YES YES YES. I hate having to dumb down my words or soften my language because someone may falsely think I am verbally assaulting them. I’m not! (Not usually anyway…) I hate censorship and I especially hate censoring myself, but it is an essential requirement for working in today’s world and dating and interacting with your family and doing anything that involves leaving your room. I long for a world when everyone has strong enough personalities and ideas that everyone will be able to be honest. Honestly! I value honesty extremely highly, but most people can not honestly expel their thoughts (either because they don’t know how to put the feelings/words into sentences or because they are too meek to do it) and/or cannot withstand brutally honest criticism.

Let’s do away with all of the false bullshit and the empty words designed to do nothing except take up the blank space between more important ideas. Throw them all in the trash and instead speak honestly about what you want and what you think. Imagine that kind of world! A world where people can actually say what they want and what they feel and are not deemed by the rest of society as being mentally unbalanced and unfit.

In my opinion, the world would operate much more smoothly if everyone learned to be honest with each other and with themselves. Perhaps someone wouldn’t work 40 years in a job they detested. Perhaps a couple wouldn’t stay together after 40 years of joyless marriage. Perhaps our friends would be stronger and perhaps we would replace our sorta-friends/sorta-acquaintances with a smaller group of solid friends who push you to succeed and aid in the development in your progress forward through life and to whom you want to aid when they call upon you in times of need.

I was thinking about these personalities because my friend has had some success putting his results on his OkCupid profile. So, we’ve reached the point in our human evolution where not only can we scan through thousands of pictures and profiles of potential mates, but before we even meet them we have an idea about the more unseen aspects of their personalities. Perhaps this will save yourself hundreds of dollars from not going on dates with people who are supposedly incompatible with you. Ah, but what if you’re wrong? But what if there’s someone out there and you just click and you grow up together – regardless of the symbols that make up their personality?

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