Limitless (2011)



Yes, I know I know I know. Normally I would not be caught dead watching a fucking movie like Limitless. I reserve my “bad movies” to things that have Arnie or Sly or are reaaallly stupid, but I was researching films for my drug article. So, I needed to watch Limitless. And actually it’s not all that bad.

I am surprised. It entertained me. It surpassed expectations. It really was a breath of fresh air. It truly allowed me to experience a different experience. Sometimes, I’ll cry when I look back and realize I won’t be able to see this film for the first time again. One day I’ll kill myself and my last thought will be of Limitless. Before I go I’ll hack into the mainframe and send a copy of Limitless to the owner of every computer in the world. Because it has to be done. Earth must see Limitless.

It’s the future. My children are leading their daughters and sons and grandchildren in atheist prayer. They eat rice, apple pie, mashed potatoes, ham, noodles, and drink beer and wine and whiskey and juice and water. Not all together… different people… different drinks… Grandchild Two, Logan, turns to my son. “Grandpa, we were studying something in class today, and, uh, do you remember where you were when you first saw Limitless?”

My son isn’t quick to respond. A flicker of recognition. A slight reflective gleam. He blinks twice and shakes off the dust of his past and turns to Logan. A hardness sharpens in his eyes. The room plunges into midnight and a hundred years of hate blast forth from a murderous glance.

“I remember.” with a voice like a man’s last dying breath; croaking, and cracked like leather that has been sitting in the sun too long, begging for water, and just hoping he’ll die soon and be removed from his misery.

“Well… where was it?” asked Logan after a pause.

My son speaks slowly at first, choosing his words carefully, meticulously – each one a painful nail being slowly pushed into the most sensitive areas of his spine.
“… It’s the future. Limitless has been downloaded to every computer in the world. Everyone on Earth has seen Limitless. The race is on. Who’s going to be the first to invent the Limitless drug? Money was flying for the copycats, but it wasn’t long before they found the real junk.

Some Chinese company hit on the magic formula and started selling it. The drug spread and the formula wasn’t far behind. Everybody fucking started cooking it. And everybody was selling everything they had. Nobody could keep up with the demand.

Everyday a thousand new guys got the recipe and started cooking, and every day, every fucking day, there were ten thousand new customers. It was more than a success. It was a disease. An epidemic.

It wiped out most of the population. Of Earth.

In the end, people were able to regain some measure of control and the global population stabilized at something around 100 to 120 thousand. At that point, Limitless was weaponized. The survivors formed into factions. The factions often battled. The factions often died.

When we were so few, ha, the ludicrous of it all, to be fighting each other. Stupid, but such is the will of man. The factions infected whomever they found to be a threat. Which was most everyone not in their faction.

I was fifteen when I was captured by Red Clan. They tortured me. They wanted information. I gave them everything I knew.

I stayed hooked on the drug  for the next five years. I pulled all kinds of jobs – robbery, murder, assassinations – whatever, in order to get the money. I’ve done all kinds of terrible things, and I rather wish you hadn’t fucking asked me so I wouldn’t have to tell you all this.

I got shot. I got laid up in an abandoned hotel. I was pretty close there for a while, but luckily Diego was there, and he pulled me together. Six months in the darkness, I was damn happy to get outside and see the sun.

We crossed the desert at Oakwood Pass, that’s up past Woodward, you know, and headed North until we ran across those Reds. We killed them all that day. No survivors. I wasn’t in a forgiving mood. I kept a few of their rings, I got them in a box with some of my other mementos from those days. I had to scram, so Diego took the bodies to the river and sent ’em down.”

“Uh… Grandpa?


“Who’s Diego?”

“…Diego’s dead.”

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